Friday, March 14, 2014

So...How Do You Rent Movies in the US?

I honestly don't know. Last time I lived in the US, there was no such thing as DVDs. The movies we rented looked like this:

And we rented them at Blockbuster or your local neighborhood video store. As far as I know, Blockbuster has gone out of business (Hasn't it?). I don't know much about Netflix except that you pay a monthly fee and get the movies mailed to you or something. I know they have an online thing where you can stream movies as well actual "video stores" exist anymore in the US or is everything online now? I'm not averse to downloading and watching things online if I must but in this I am decidedly old school; I much prefer to rent a Blu-Ray disc and pop it in my player at my leisure. It's just so much easier. Here, we have a shoppette (like a convenient store) that has one wall dedicated to video rentals. One section DVDs, the other section Blu-Rays. The selection is tiny which sucks for a film junkie like me but these are things I've learned to live with being overseas. Occasionally I rent movies through iTunes but I do not enjoy doing it as I can't figure out how to get the volume through the TV and the speakers on my Mac make it impossible to hear unless there is 100% complete silence, something we have not experienced since sometime in 2003.

I assure you, I am not being glib or acting dumb; I am honestly wondering how one rents movies in the US these days?



  1. There is a video machine system called Red Box. They have them at most grocery stores and 7-11. You pick a movie or two, I believe they cost a dollar a day a piece and you can return the videos to any Red Box location. I don't rent videos at all. I have DirecTV and I love the ish!! It's pricey but, worth it.

  2. netflix electronically bro. Paul

  3. you pretty much hit it on the head Rik, just get a computer sound systwem like I have and hook it into your computer and then your sound problems are GTG or get an HDMI adapter for ur Apple and plug straight in to the TV. I got this one:

  4. Redbox is great. You pay by day. It gets expensive if you hold onto it for more than a couple days. If you have an xbox, you can stream netflix easily. The down side there is they don't stream the new releases. You would do those by mail.

  5. You just go into people's houses and take whatever you want. Don't worry about it at all. Things in America are super mellow now ... >_>

    Wait, no - do Netflix and Redbox.