Thursday, March 27, 2014

The More Things Change...

I took the kids to Bar da Silvia after school for their snack earlier this afternoon. While we were there, a bunch of Xavier's ex-classmates from the Italian school showed up. An impromptu calcio (soccer) match ensued on the piazza with Xavier (and Luca) joining in.

He looked so happy, in his element, shouting out directions in Italian like he'd never left the Italian school and his Caldogno-Rettorgole teammates. I hadn't intended to stay there but a few minutes but ended up staying over an hour just watching him enjoy himself with his Italian friends. Watching the X Man there playing with his Italian friends and having such a good time, it just hit me how lucky we have been that he has gotten so much out of his time here and at the same time it also occurred to me that we are really leaving soon.

A very, very bittersweet feeing to be sure. 

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