Sunday, March 16, 2014

Things in the US I am looking forward to (Part I)

1. Watching sports at a normal hour. This can not be overstated.

2. Trying foods/restaurants I've only ever heard about. Authentic southern BBQ and Chick-fil-A are at the top of the list.

3. Stores that are opened on Sunday.

4. Mega bookstores like Barnes and Noble.

5. Commercials.

6. Batting cages.

7. Watching a movie in a comfortable theater. And not having the video or audio screw up two or three times during the movie.

8. Taking my kids to Fenway Park.

9. Cheap(er) gas.

10. Not paying for condiments at restaurants (That's for you Steve-O!)

11. Subs.

12. Not carrying two types of currency at all times. And not having to keep up with the exchange rate.

13. Watching something online without getting that annoying "Sorry, this video is not available in your country" error message.

14. Being able to do normal everyday things without having to deal with overly restrictive foreign laws and regulations in foreign languages.

15. Getting my personal space back.

16. Lower cost of living.

17. Walmart. That's right, I said it. Deal with it.

18. Good Chinese food.

19. Ice.

20. Knowing that if I have to go to the bathroom at a restaurant or public place, there will be an actual toilet bowl....WITH a seat and toilet paper and not just a hole in the floor.

21. TV shows in English.

22. Good health care.


24. No more metric system. 14 years in Italy, I still don't know what the hell an "etto" is.

25. Not having to figure out the kilometers-to-miles conversion.



  1. You're good! I finally understand why you're always posting about sports at 3 am! Who knew! Don't get excited about Chikfila. Why commercials? When I get a visual of where you live, I automatically think of things like the uncomfy movie theater always screwing up films. As for #14 and #15, that has to be your next blog topic!

  2. #15 - Italians have a habit of getting right in your grill when they talk to you, it can be a little disconcerting sometimes. If you've ever seen the episode of Seinfeld with the "close talker", it's not too far off from how many Italians are.

  3. I've been in the states for almost 10 years nite and am still stuck on Celsius. Everything else, like miles and gallons, I've got down pat.

  4. As to #22. Good health care. ... Have you heard of Obamacare?